Communicate with YouTube

chat-bubbleGone are the days where we have the luxury to sit back and read, in detail, pages of information. Clients are bombarded with brochures, emails, websites, advertising, appointments and meetings. The faster and the easier it is for them to absorb information, the more likely you will gain cut through. This is where video can help you effectively communicate to your market.

The book may be better, but I bet more people see the movie.

Well crafted copy can be compelling, but sometimes it is difficult for someone else capture the heart of the business; this is often best to come from you. Creating a video lets you speak to your clients to tell, show and demonstrate how you do business and why people should deal with you. The content can be anything you think would be of interest to your customers.

Interesting being the operative word; keep your video short and relevant to your audiences to hold their attention for long enough to deliver your message. At which point they are keen to know more!

An added bonus of video is the option to share the video on your site, social media and the second largest search engine YouTube. This gives you details of how many people have viewed your video, a stat you won’t get with your brochures.

Here is an example of a recent video. We crafted the script with Mike, and Sam filmed and edited the footage.

Mike Crowley and Associates 2014 website

Don’t tell me show me

Keep in mind what you customers are interested. Not always will they want to be told about your business, why not show them how you can deliver value, information, product or services. Whittaker Contracting use a factory mounted time lapse camera to demonstrate their round the clock and transparent processes to rebuild mining machinery.

Whittaker Contracting website

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