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Artist Site by Design

Working with Rhonda was, and continues to be a pleasure. Rhonda Campbell, a local contemporary artist, with an international reputation, has recently launched her digital footprint. Already active on Instagram, @rcampbellartist we worked with Rhonda to create a showcase of her work. The site was to be simple enough to ensure her work was the star of the […]

Artist Online – Loretta Blake

Loretta Blake has been painting for over thirty years. Her work is exhibited throughout Australia and internationally, with many pieces held in private collections. Now Loretta is ready to branch out to a whole new space, the online space. The brief was to provide a site that outlines Loretta’s skills and style of work and […]

Whittaker Contracting Website

Whittaker Contracting services the mining and heavy transport industry; for over ten years they  have built and maintained strong relationships. However, they recognised their potential clients needed access to an online presence to reflect their capabilities, the scale of their business and most importantly to support their commitment to the satisfaction of their clients. Whittaker […]