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There was a family run kennel and cattery nestled on a farm in Orange, NSW.. It was a small enterprise with a very loyal and long term clientele. When the farm was sold the new owners saw the potential to build on the great foundations to expand the business.

Create the identity

logo-greenWe worked with Tegan to create a brand identity that reflects the professionalism and passion of the business. Through discussions with clients, we identified the importance of pet experience over facilities.

The service offer was tailored to offer greater flexibility for the ‘human’ clients and more attention for the most important clients, the guest.

Getting your brand out there.

To help Country Myals communicate the new management and service offer we worked together to create a facebook page to build a vibrant interactive community. This includes a convenient way for clients to keep tabs of what their loved ones are up to whilst at Country Myals.

The facebook feed is also a feature of the new website. The new website reflects the new identity and is an ideal way for potential clients to research the fantastic experience their pet will have when they stay. In order to keep the information up to date a blog has been created to discuss the needs of pets on a wider level.

Country-Myals-car-service-buttonAnother little branding project was increasing the visibility of the brand locally. The one off investment in the design and branding of the Country Myals car has already paid for itself with the number of enquiries starting with “are you the one in the green and white car?”

The next step is to apply the new signage for clients to find Country Myals and potential clients to find out about Country Myals. Watch this space!



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