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Remember it with Regoit®

Regoit® is a simple yet effective system that embraces the now defunct vehicle registration system. Placed on the windscreen of the vehicle it acts as a reminder to the owner of when their rego is due, plus it indicates the registration status for any driver of the vehicle. (who ultimately receives the fine if driving […]

Mike Crowley & Associates

The need for establishing a new brand was identified during the briefing for the new website. We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding program that included a new logo and visual identity. The new design are more  contemporary and step away from a traditional accounting/ Business Adviser style. The Visual identity including a fresh new colour […]

A logo does not maketh the brand.

It is a common misconception that logo placement constitutes a branding program. Recently, when discussing a substantial rebranding program, a family friend and businessman commented; “you can’t tell me changing the logo means more sales”. And he is right, I won’t tell anyone that changing your logo will instantly increase sales. However a strong brand […]