About Us

The royal “we” is the most appropriate description of “About Us”

Lisa Jayne Marketing Communications is made up of me, Lisa, and a network of fantastic professionals. I have been working in the industry for longer than a lady cares to admit (nearly 20 years) During this time I have worked within large companies with international exposure and more recently within dynamic SME’s.




Upon my return to Orange I identified the need for businesses to access a marketing team. Most businesses do not have the luxury, the ongoing need or resources to commit to an in-house marketing professional or team.

So why not engage an ‘as required’ marketing team for your business?

Think short term interactions during a long term relationship. I build a deep understanding of your business and when an opportunity is realised we rally the troops to devise a  brief and complete the task at hand.



We pull together the best team for your communication needs. Fancy that, a customised marketing team for a specific project. Creative flair, technical correctness, web development, branding, customer service, social media, events…..the lot.


No matter what you want to do, even if you aren’t sure we could help, come straight to us, together we can get it done. We will even work with your current suppliers; even the process of briefing and co-ordination can take time, time we doubt you have to spare.