A logo does not maketh the brand.

It is a common misconception that logo placement constitutes a branding program.

Recently, when discussing a substantial rebranding program, a family friend and businessman commented; “you can’t tell me changing the logo means more sales”. And he is right, I won’t tell anyone that changing your logo will instantly increase sales.

However a strong brand can do that for you. So what is the difference?

A logo is the simplest symbol that represents your business; a visual identity is the culmination of all design elements that work in conjunction to create a distinct look for your business.

Now your brand is not a thing, it is a concept. I have heard described as many things;

  • your business DNA
  • your  business essence
  • your “personality”

A strong brand will result in recognition, recall and reaction to your products/services.

Once you have defined your unique brand position you must support that brand throughout your business.

Your brand underpins all contact with your market so must be consistent and authentic. Everything you do must reflect and support your brand position; logo, visual identity, sponsorships, events, advertising, online space, collateral, documentation, customer service…everything.


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